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Individual bellows from very small to very large

Bellows are used to protect people and machines. In order for them to fulfill their function optimally, they must be designed individually for the respective application. HEMA develops and manufactures the smallest bellows with an edge length of just a few centimeters and an extension right up to XXL bellows with a very large extension, individually tailored to the respective application.

The smallest bellows that HEMA can produce are approx. 40 mm wide, 20 mm high and have an extension of 20 mm. It can hardly be smaller, as a bellows has at least 2 folds and at least 7.5 mm is required per fold. Such tiny bellows are used, for example, to protect sensitive components in the optical industry or in measurement technology. The largest bellows from HEMA, on the other hand, reach extensions of up to 32 m in length. For comparison: a football field in the Bundesliga is 68 m wide.

HEMA not only adapts the size but also the materials of the bellows to the respective application. Materials are available for laser, plasma and welding applications, special versions for medical technology or versions for high-speed applications. To ensure high quality, comprehensive product and material tests are conducted in the HEMA test area. The Hessian company also works with external institutes for this purpose.

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