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The presence at trade exhibitions is a must for HEMA even in the age of digital networking, because nowhere else do we experience so directly what moves our target group. Direct contact with the (potential) users of our products is therefore very important to us. Once again this year we will use the opportunity for a personal exchange with you, including the following trade exhibitions.


29.02. - 30.02.2023 
Gjøvik, Norway

Euroexpo Gjøvik

Exhibitor: Mared Components

03.03 - 06.03.2023 
Qingdao, China

JM Qingdao International Metal Processing Exhbition

Exhibitor: HEMA Zhao

7.03. - 10.03.2023
Bern, Switzerland


Exhibitor: LESTOPREX

30.03. - 1.04.2023
Bologna, Italy

MECSPE Bologna

Exhibitor: HEMA Sefra


10.04 - 15.04.2023 
Beijing, China

CIMT China International Machine Tool Exhbition

Exhbitor: HEMA Zhao

9.05. - 12.05.2023 
Göteborg, Sweden


Exhibitor: Mared Components

26.05 - 29.05.2023 
Chongqing, China

CWMTE LiJia International Intelligent Equipment Exhbition

Exhibitor: HEMA Zhao

18.07 - 22.07.2023 
Qingdao, China

JM Qingdao International Machine Tool Exhbition

Exhibitor: HEMA Zhao

13.09. - 14.09.2023
Barcelona, Spain


Exhibitor: EUREX

18.09. - 23.09.2023
Hannover, Germany


Exhibitor: HEMA

14.11. - 16.11.2023 
Jönköping, Sweden

Elmia Subcontractor

Exhibitor: Mared Components

15.11. - 16.11.2023
Madrid, Spain


Exhibitor: EUREX