4. October 2017

HEMA Window with SRIW Panel

HEMA has designed a perfect solution for abrasive applications - the SRIW Panel. The SRIW Panel is equiped with PERLUCOR Covering and perfectly protects against mechanical loads. Beeing extremly flat with an overall height of only 3.5 mm, it can also be mounted onto machine doors.[more]

15. September 2017

X-Velo - new roof cover

Machine tools without roof covers may pollute the environment by spraying out cooling lubricant and swarf. The air in the environment is also contaminated by the vapours that result from the machining process. X-Velo Dachabdeckung The X-Velo Roof Cover System prevents the machine’s interior from discharging material into the atmosphere. Thanks to our adapted aluminium profile guide rails, the...[more]

6. January 2017

ISO 9001 - Erfolgreiches Audit

Neben den Fertigungsstandorten Deutschland und Rumänien wurde jetzt der Fertigungsstandort Italien auditiert undnach ISO 9001 zertifiziert. [more]