Our range of products

For more than forty years HEMA has been manufacturing protective systems for the world?s machinery building sectors. Our first products were bellows and coil springs that we produced in Seligenstadt, which is still our head office today.

Protection Systems
Through consistent further development our range of bellows as protective covers for guides evolved into the SAMURAI product series with slat reinforced bellows and aprons and complete rear wall systems. Our spiral springs were joined by other product ranges such as like telescopic steel covers, roller systems, link aprons, etc.

Viewing Systems
Our range of viewing systems consists of Visiport Spin Windows and machine protection windows, complemented by LED lighting systems for workplaces and  machine tools. 

Clamping and braking systems
HEMA's third field of competence concentrates on pneumatic clamping and braking systems and manual and mechanical clamping systems.

This product diversity is possible only with extensive research and development as well as intensive detailed work. In close collaboration e.g. with the Production Management, Technology, and Machine Tools Institute (PTW) at the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences developments and structures are tested for their practicability and extreme situations simulated so that our products can also fulfil the high requirements in the field. This successful collaboration was crowned with the First Hesse Cooperation Award in 2005.

We also collaborate closely with other external institutes like the Production Engineering and Machine Tools Institute (IFW) at the Berlin University of Applied Sciences. By means of impact tests on protective covers and machine safety screens we assure their suitability for applications in machining environments. In addition we conduct extensive material and function tests at our location. The following pages present a selection.

Our own product and process quality is verified by regular certification procedures: all of our European production locations have been awarded DIN ISO 9001:2008 certifications. Kaizen teams at all works contribute towards continuous improvement.