The clamping system that also brakes – DiskClamp

Like the RotoClamp, the DiskClamp is a passive pneumatic safety component. It achieves axial forces of about 8,000 N, which can be boosted up to 17,000 N in booster mode. Unlike the RotoClamp, the DiskClamp also has an emergency braking function that effectively decelerates loads in the event of a pneumatic failure.

Your advantages with the DiskClamp

A clamping system alone is sometimes not enough

Some applications are about more than fixing a shaft. Involved here are also moving loads, which must be braked immediately in an emergency to prevent damage to the machine. We have developed the DiskClamp especially for this application.

Principle of operation

The DiskClamp achieves its short reaction time and high holding forces thanks to the principle of the spring accumulator: the springs are kept away from the axis by the supply of compressed air.

If the air supply fails, the energy stored in the springs escapes and pushes them against the clamping elements, which in turn fix the axle safely and with great force. For the emergency brake function, the DiskClamp is additionally equipped with brake pads. It can therefore not only be used to fix static loads, but also for the brief braking of moving masses.

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