MClamp manual clamping system

Often clamping elements are used only as a transport lock or for the conversion of machines. Hydraulic, pneumatic or electrical models would be oversized for such purposes. Our engineers have therefore designed an inexpensive manual clamping system for simple rail clamping - the MClamp.


Your advantages with the MClamp

Construction modeled after the LinClamp

The design of this clamping element corresponds to the basic body of our proven LinClamp. In addition, we have provided the MClamp with four connection holes so that it can be used in a variety of ways.


Principle of operation

The manual clamping element MClamp works like the LinClamp, with the difference that here the clamping is effected manually and not by compressed air. By pressing the clamping lever or Allen screw a spring plate is clamped, which presses the clamping elements against the rail.

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