Our rotary clamping system – RotoClamp

RotoClamp is a compact clamping system for rotary applications. The pneumatic clamping offers high holding power and exceeds hydraulic systems not only in effectiveness, but also in efficiency, since the system costs are significantly lower. RotoClamp is fail-safe, as the shaft is fixed immediately and with great force in the event of a pneumatic failure.


Ihre Vorteile mit RotoClamp

Operating principle

The clamping with RotoClamp is based on the principle of the spring accumulator: In normal operation, a spring diaphragm is pressurized with compressed air and shortens itself. The clamping elements thereby lift off the shaft and release it.

If the pneumatics fail, the spring plates immediately return to their original position and fix the shaft with great force. With the aid of a booster function, the already high clamping force can be further increased.



Safety clamping by spring actuator. In case of a power loss, the axis is immediately clamped. Reaction times are very short due to pneumatics. With quick air-vent valve and quick-acting gate valve attached directly to the clamping mechanism, extremely short clamping times can be achieved.

Suitable for many shafts

The RotoClamp rotary clamping system is compatible with all standard shaft sizes in the industry and can be mounted easily and quickly.
As the RotoClamp works with compressed air, it does not cause any contamination.

Different clamping directions

The RotoClamp clamping systems are available in an internal clamping - RotoClamp Inside - and an external clamping version - RotoClamp Outside - for a wide range of application fields.

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