RotoClamp Inside and Outside

Application of RotoClamp
RotoClamp Outside
RotoClamp Inside

RotoClamp is a compact and powerful pneumatic clamping system, designed for torque motors.


  • pneumatic clamping with high forces
  • safety clamping RotoClamp Standard, if the air supply fails then system clamps
  • the values of hydraulic clamping are reached and exceeded
  • low system costs in comparison to hydraulics
  • Simple installation
  • Compact design
  • Suitable for all shaft sizes

Operating principle: Clamps with spring actuator. Depressurizing the inner spring diaphragm chamber and ventilating the outer spring diaphragm chamber relaxes the diaphragm and presses on the radial contact surfaces at the inner and outer diameter of the spring. The clamping element is reformed elastically in the area of the clamping surface and presses on the shaft. Adding pressurized air to the inner spring diaphragm chamber (4 or 6 Bar) and venting the outer spring diaphragm chamber bends the diaphragm and the distance between the two radial contact surfaces at the inner and outer diameter of the spring is shortened: The clamping surface lifts off from the shaft. You have the optional pos­sibility of increasing the clamping force by extra loading of the outer spring diaphragm chamber with compressed air when clamped (4 or 6 Bar).

Safety: Safety clamping by spring actuator. In case of a power loss, the axis is immediately clamped. Reaction times Very short due to pneumatics. With quick air-vent valve and quick-acting gate valve attached directly to the clamping mechanism, you can realise extremely short clamping times.

Costs: Low costs (in comparison to hydraulics), pneumatic valves and pneumatic piping, low installation costs, no cost for matching, easily replaceable, including safety clamp.

Cleanliness: Very clean due to pneumatics.

Materials: Clamping-body housing hardened and tempered in fine grain mild steel, optional supported flange joint hardened with case-hardening steel, steel coated, alternative lining procedure possible.