Droplet Protection

Droplet Protection - Separating panels to protect against Covid-19

For a more protected work in times of Corona - whether at the individual workplace at the desk or workbench, in the public area at the reception tills or counters, our protective panels enable you to work safely.

Our polycarbonate panels are resistant to disinfectants and, thanks to a coating, insensitive to scratches and bumps. Polycarbonate is also a highly transparent, clear, streak-free material that enables a view without impairment.

Due to the high inherent rigidity of the material, our discs are ideally suited as cutting discs in a wide variety of areas and therefore only require a small base.

Whether in the office, in canteens, schools, medical practices and at many other workplaces - protect yourself and your colleagues from infection by Covid-19 with our protective panels.

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Your advantages with protective panels from HEMA

Droplet Protection by HEMA

In many areas, additional protective measures can reduce the risk of a Covid-19 infection (droplet infection).

The use of protective panels can help to increase the level of security and protection and to maintain an appropriate distance in times of Corona - whether at the individual workplace, in shared or in public areas.

Areas of application

The panels can be used in many ways, whether on desks, in meeting rooms, in canteens, at reception, on counters, at cash registers, in pharmacies, on workbenches, etc.

Droplet protection panel, standard type

Art.-No                Width           Hight°           Depth           from 1 piece*           from 3 pieces*           from 6 pieces*     
10182708 74.5 cm 66.0 cm 14.5 cm 96.00 € 90.00 € 84.00 €
10182709 99.5 cm 66.0 cm 14.5 cm 113.00 € 106.00 € 99.00 €
10182710 149.0 cm 66.0 cm 14.5 cm 148.00 € 138.00 € 129.00 €


Droplet protection panel, high version type

Art.-No                Width           Hight°           Depth           from 1 piece*           from 3 pieces*           from 6 pieces*     
10182711 74.5 cm 99.5 cm 22.5 cm 128.00 € 120.00 € 112.00 €
10182712 99.5 cm 99.5 cm 22.5 cm 154.00 € 144.00 € 135.00 €
10182713 149.0 cm 99.5 cm 22.5 cm 206.00 € 193.00 € 180.00 €

* Price per piece when purchasing 1, 3 or 6 pieces, all prices ex works, plus VAT, packaging and transport costs. Prices for special designs on request.
° Height of the viewing pane, the pane can be mounted on the adjustable feet offset by 20 mm, the total height changes accordingly.

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