HEVI GATE - disinfect the handle of your shopping cart quickly and easily

We developed our HEVI GATE to disinfect shopping cart handles quickly and easily. The simple operation of the device makes it easy, convenient and easy to disinfect the shopping cart.

Our HEVI GATE is easy to use, customers can disinfect their shopping trolleys quickly and easily, additional staff is not required. The instructions on the HEVI GATE are self-explanatory for everyone thanks to the corresponding pictograms.

Thanks to the fine atomization through the nozzles, the disinfectant is applies effectively and only small amounts are used.

The labeling of the HEVI GATE can optionally be adapted to your individual design.

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Your advantages of HEVI GATE by HEMA

Even nebulization

Fine nozzles on three sides ensure that the disinfectant solution is applied evenly and efficiently

Energy supply via battery

No power connection required for operation

Easy to transport

Easy handling, attach the transport rails to the front and rear with a hand pallet truck

Easy handling

User-friendly operation, insert the cart - press start button - done

Efficient cleaning of objects - quick, easy and safe to use

Modular system structure, individual adaptation to customer requirements

  • Individual labeling possible
  • Dispenser for paper towels and hand disinfection
  • amount and position of the nozzles

We convince with reliable and powerful technology

  • Quiet pump
  • Duty cycle and delay can be easily adjusted via the control
  • Atomizing ceramic nozzles for optimal dosing and surface application
  • Contactless triggering of the spraying process through proximity sensors (optional)
  • Filling level monitoring of the disinfectant tank

HEVI GATE - explained quickly and easily

1. Push the shopping trolley onto the positioning rails
2. Press start
3. Dry the handle - done.

The LED status display shows the status of the HEVI GATE at all times.

  • ready for use (green)
  • ongoing disinfection process (yellow)
  • reservoir empty (red)

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