Protection Systems

Protection systems of different types are used in many applications. To protect men and machine bellows in different shapes, aprons, roller systems, spiral springs or telescopic steel covers offer a wide range of possbibilities.

ELASTIC Bellows are commonly used for protecting machines and devices against debris and chips. They are also used in many variations for safety at work. ELASTIC Bellows are a series of products with many combinations and options. Their basic components, materials, forms, processing methods, and dimensions are easily adaptable.  

SAMURAI Bellows and Backwallsystems
For the use within milling machine e.g. bellows with additional lamellas are especially recomended - SAMURAI Bellows. The lamellas provice excellent protection against fast, very hot and sharp chips. SAMURAI Bellows can be offered for single axis or as complete backwall system.

SAMURAI FASTLAP lamella aprons are a variation of the SAMURAI bellows. They were designed for Z axis covers in machining centres.

Roller Systems and Link Aprons
ROLLER cover systems are a possible substitute for bellow covers in very narrow spaces when only general sealing is required. The ROLLER systems are available with and without housing. Textiles as both as steel is used as cover material. They are available in many variants.  

GLADIATOR Telescopic Steel Covers
Telescopic steel covers are used to protect slideways in certain machine tool applications. They offer effective protection against swarf and other debris.
Liquid or coolant ingress can be effectively reduced by feature design and the use of suitable wiper systems.

DURASPRING Spiral springs
DURASPRING Spiral Springs are commonly used for the durable protection of ballscrews and shafts. DURASPRING Spiral Springs are produced using spring steel. The steel strip is roll formed to produce the spiral spring.