Backwall Systems

Backwall systems protect sensitive machine parts from chips and coolants during the production and milling process. The backwall system is manufactured completely with bellows and spindle feedthrough and delivered ready for installation in the machine tool. Installation times are significantly reduced, since the assembly of the individual bellows and adjustment of the spindle feedthrough is no longer necessary for the machine manufacturer. In addition, the preparation of a pneumatic drive of individual components can be implemented ex works.

To protect the axles, bellows with stainless steel fins, the SAMURAI bellows are used. With these bellows, stainless steel lamellae protect the bellows from hot and sharp-edged chips.

All rear wall systems with their components are designed individually for the respective machine series, traversing speeds of up to 120 m / min can be realized.

If possible, we use reusable packaging systems for product series.

Your advantages with HEMA backwall systems

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