Backwall systems

CUBE Backwallsystem
CUBE Backwallsystem
Backwallsystems ready to ship
Venetian blind type

Milling machine centres are fitted with complete backwall systems. Complete backwall systems are used as as well as large bellows such as from the ELASTIC or SAMURAI range of products.  

Individual designed backwall systems
Backwall systems protect sensible machine parts from soiling etc during the production and milling process. All these covers are individual designed for each machines series.

CUBE Backwall Systems
Due to the modular built-up rear wall system the engineering efforts even for a single backwall can be reduced. The single costs per CUBE Backwall system are well below those for an individually designed concept.

For backwall protection SAMURAI Bellows are used. Fixed mounted stainless steel lamellas protect the bellows against hot and sharp edged swarf. The spindle opening is designed to the customer's requirements.

For an optimum load transmission to the X axis cover protection, this cover must be connected at the top and bottom with the moving column or other supporting machine parts. Versions of CUBE X with large extensions up to five meters long and three meters high have already been
realized. Additional concepts such as DynaSynchro or pantographs can absorb the dynamic loads. Therefore a travelling speed up to 120 m/min can be realized.

Column type cover 
This design principle is used if a guiding rail is not possible. The column milling cover type is L-shaped and runs on gliders.

Venetian blind type
If a guiding frame is available, the bellow can be supported using profiles, roller or rail systems. The guiding system has been successfully tested on a high speed test machine at the PTW under worst conditions. Over one million cycles were recorded.

Production of components
All components are produced with modern machines. Sheet metal components are accurately cut to fit by laser. Other parts of the covers, such as pantographs or gliders for smooth running, are chosen individually depending on the area of application and travelling speed.
During each production step all parts and materials are regularly checked for accurate dimensions and proper functioning. Visible surfaces are polished to a special finish.

Test set up
Before shipping all parts are checked for accurate visual appearance and perfect functionality.

To be as cost efficient as possible all parts are shipped in compact and protective packaging. Customers' internal processes are given special consideration.