DURASPRING Spiral springs

Duraspring Spiral spings with flange - option
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DURASPRING Spiral Springs are commonly used for the durable protection of ballscrews and shafts. DURASPRING Spiral Springs are produced using spring steel. The steel strip is roll formed to produce the spiral spring.

The optimum operating conditions for DURASPRING is in applications with oil. Bellows should be used alternatively for fine particles and dust. DURASPRING is designed as standard for speeds up to 40 metres/minute. If the spiral springs are exposed regularly to coolants with a high proportion of water, then stainless steel band should be used.

DURASPRING Spiral Springs are available in two versions:
- DURASPRING BLUE, standard spring, blue steel
- DURASPRING SILVER, stainless steel version

The standard range now comprises springs in dimensions from 15 mm up to 160 mm internal diameter. Special dimensions are available on request. Spiral springs for vertical use can be produced up to an extended length of 4500 mm.

Horizontal installation
Springs used horizontally are formed for particularly for uniform running in that the overlap between coils is increased. In this way »sagging« is reduced, particularly for longer extension lengths, and transverse stability is significantly improved.

Vertical installation
As a matter of principle, vertically installed DURASPRING achieve larger extension lengths than horizontal types.The critical design factor for this type is the force produced, as the springs must also work against gravity. Vertical types therefore have a high starting force, guaranteeing that the DURASPRING draws out rapidly when starting/ extending with the machine movement.