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Bellows for elevating platforms
Circular stitched bellows
LAMINAT bellows
Bellows for jet cutting machines

ELASTIC Bellows are commonly used for protecting machines and devices against debris and chips. They are also used in many variations for safety at work. ELASTIC Bellows are a series of products with many combinations and options.
Their basic components, materials, forms, processing methods, and dimensions are easily adaptable.  

The essential component of the ELASTIC Bellows is a stabilising PVC frame inside every fold that lends the ELASTIC Bellows high dimensional stability. Reversion to the original shape is therefore assured after direct impacts.  
Beside PVC frames PP and Polyamide can be offered as an alternative material for the support frames. ELASTIC bellows are available in the following versions depending on how their frames are permanently joined to the outer fold material:  thermal bonded, HF welded and sewn.

Bellows for elevating platforms
For applications such as elevating platforms, bellows can be produced with up to 30 square meters. All ELASTIC Bellows may be deployed horizontally or vertically. They can be easily attached to the machine with metal frames or Velcro tapes.
Efficient glider profiles and roller or ball bearings improve quiet running and also serve to extend life cycles and minimise friction during HSC applications as well.

Circular stiches bellows
The circular-stitched bellows consist of punched disks stitched inside and outside. Stitching achieves particularly good shape stability and high transverse stiffness. Circular-stitched bellows are extremely resistant and can even withstand impact from sharp edged chips, also in the smaller versions. They are suitable only to a limited extent as protection against liquids and oils.

LAMINAT Bellows are characterized by several layers of foil bonded together. The LAMINAT bellows are used where flexible designs and inherent rigidity are important.
They are nowadays deployed in spindle-type lifting gear, for cameras, measuring and music instruments as well as for medicine and food technologies. They are used to protect columns, spindles and shafts.

Bellows for jet cutting machines
Modern jet cutting machines (with lasers, plasma or water) are fitted with bellows to protect the jet channel and the mechanical components such as spindles and guides. These types of bellows require a high level of tightness and long life. 

Standard materials are black, but also signal colours such as yellow or white materials for medical applications are available. The material is selected from a large range of products to match the intended use of the ELASTIC Bellows.  
Also self extinguishing heat resisting materials under the UL 94 standard are available.