GLADIATOR Telescopic Steel Covers

Telescopic Steel Cover
Telescopic Steel Cover
Telescopic Steel cover Wiper

Telescopic steel covers are used to protect slideways in certain machine tool applications. They offer effective protection against swarf and other debris.  
Liquid or coolant ingress can be effectively reduced by feature design and the use of suitable wiper systems.

The steel covers are produced from high quality cold-worked sheet steel in material thickness from 1.5 to 3 mm, or if required in stainless steel.
For all common types of machines a suitable type of cover (e.g. horizontal, vertical, inclined; transversed) together with the corresponding guide way solutions is available.
Telescopic Steel Covers up to a weight of approx. 50 kg can be supported by guideway gliders. Special profiled brass parts with sufficient contact width  suitable for hardened and soft guideways, or with PUR inserts. For covers greater  than 50 kg unloaded weight supporting rollers are recommended. Hardened guideways (>58 HRC) or separate support/guideways are required, no matter how large the total number of rollers, assume that the total weight is supported on no more than for rollers.

Telescopic steel covers can be produced in different designs. The standard and cost efficiency design is suitable for most applications. It can be used without problem up to a width of 900 mm. Inclined shapes provide optimal drainage of liquids. Roof shape with single edges for larger widths, additional returns are required to increase the cover stiffness, they provide optimal drainage of coolants. Roof shape designs with double edges are suitable for larger widths, additional returns to increase the cover stiffness and offer an optimal drainage of fluids.

What is cruicial for the size of the cover, the weight and the smooth running ist the number of box sections. The single box section should be designed as long as possible. As a general rule is: maximum extension and minimum compression should be at maximum in the ratio 10:1

For mounting and fixing of the steel covers we offer you solutions specifically to the customer's individual requirement. The covers are fixed either directly to the corresponding first or final box section or by additional fixing brackets which may be attached internally or externally.