Less space but a lot of protection - roller covers for tight spaces

There are several reasons for using roller blind systems: In some applications, there is not enough room for a bellow cover, in others, a complete cover is not necessary. For these cases, HEMA manufactures a range of compact roller covers and aprons, which offer effective protection against small amounts of chips and coolants.

What are the typlical applications for roller covers?

Roller covers can be installed on many machines. They are always prefered when a  protection against chips or coolant is necessary, but only little space is available. We manufacture roller covers for different installation situations:

  • Without housing: this type needs less space, best used with smaller diameters and short extensions
  • With housing:  We recommend this type for safety reasons when longer extensions are used and especially when steel is used for the band material.

Your advantages with roller covers from HEMA

Always the right drive

HEMA offers three different drive concepts for its roller blind covers:

Torsion springs TF

This drive is suitable for high mileages at low stress and for plastic belts. The springs are made of a high-quality special wire, which achieves an up to ten times longer service life than conventional spring wires.

Steel belt motor SA

A steel belt motor should be used in applications with high tensile load. The outer band used for the cover serves as a spring motor at the same time.

Steel belt motor FM

This motor is also suitable for high tensile load.

Aprons: Cost-effective protection

If your machine is exposed to a low chip load from the front, a link apron is sufficient as a protective measure completely. HEMA manufactures these devices in different variants:

FLEXPRO Link aprons

The metal sections are flat or semi-circular aluminium, brass or steel sections. They are bonded and riveted on a very tear resistant synthetic carrier material.


These aprons are made up of anodized hollow aluminum sections joined with a polyurethane strip. On the visual side the glider elements are rounded at the edges. FLEXSTAR-S can move freely in both directions, FLEXSTAR-C/CR permits only one-way bending, adopting a stable flat position in the other direction.


FLEXSTAR aprons combined with vision inserts are very popular in the assembly sectors.


Link aprons are also available as a "walk-on" design.

Combination of link aprons with ROLLER system

The link aprons can be combined with a system of roller blinds. The link apron is wound on top of the ROLLER standard system. The ROLLER diameter is considerably increased in its wound-up state.The drive unit is exactly matched to the additional weight and forces. We offer complete guide systems based on travel rails, steel cables or aluminium profiles.

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