Roof covers

Machine tools for machining large work pieces are loaded primarily from above with tools and work pieces.

If the processing space is not closed during the manufacturing process, chips and coolants from the machine tool can enter the production environment and lead to contamination.

Our roof covers are designed individually for each machine, whether for the initial configuration of the machine or for retrofit retrofitting.

X-Velo Roof Cover System

The X-Velo roof cover keeps chips and coolants in the machine, preventing pollution of the manufacturing environment.

The material is translucent, the ambient light from the production hall can thus be used to support the lighting of the machine interior.

The X-Velo can either be controlled by the machine tool for opening and closing or, alternatively, equipped with its own drive.

X-Velo is suitable for both the initial and the retrofit. It has a modular design and can be adapted for systems up to 12 m in length and 6 m in width, traversing speeds of up to 75 meters per minute are possible.

The X-Velo Roof Cover at a glance:

  • Custom length, up to 12 m, custom solutions can be discussed
  • High speeds of up to 75 m/minute
  • Light transparent Material
  • No twisting thanks to our special fasteners
  • Easy to clean (open profile)
  • Cover is easy to screw on, screw thread goes all the way through the profile
  • Guide rails are included with delivery
  • A motor drive can be integrated as an option
  • Shutters that fit the drive perfectly
  • Ideal for retrofitting and original fitting

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