SAMURAI Bellows with lamellas

SAMURAI Lamella bellow
SAMURAI Roof cover

SAMURAI Bellows are an advancement of the ELASTIC Bellows product line. Characteristic for this type of bellows are their lamellas. The lamellas are fixed at the upper edge of the bellows, which also reinforces them. They provide excellent protec-tion against fast, very hot and sharp chips.

SAMURAI Bellows are ideal for HSC applications. Solutions for machining centres with speeds greater than 100 m/min and accelerations greater than 2g have been successful ealized. Similar to the ELASTIC range of products, all materials, shapes, processing methods, and measurements for the SAMURAI Bellows can be combined in any variation. Also a PVC frame is built into each fold of this bellow for assured  stability. SAMURAI Bellows are available in three basic types.

These main types are based on how the lamellas are fixed:
- FASTAF fixed lamellas
- FASTAC fixed telescopic lamellas
- FASTAM flexible lamellas
- FASTAF Vector C2 special type for multi axis protection


SAMURAI?FASTAF TW for limited space 
The SAMURAI FASTAF TW has been developed as an alternative to the classic design of protective covers. This lamella  cover »bends around the corner« and is therefore perfectly suited to machines with limited space below the cover .
The compressed cover is turned through  90° allowing more design opportunities. The preload of the lamella?s in the area of the radius is maintained through innovative design.

The position of each lamella can be individually chosen. The lamellas can be fixed to the front of the bellows, each side, or in any combination.  
In addition, our in house production of lamellas means we can provide them in nearly all forms, such as inclined or roof types.

Stainless steel is used for the material. Usually the basic lamella type is flat with its end formed into a wiper profile, for excellent contact and sealing on the top side of the SAMURAI Bellow.
There is a high contact pressure across the whole lamella area. With their efficient wiper edge the lamellas prevent debris from entering the interior.
The lamellas are corrosion and acid proof, but not accessible.