Bellows for special applications

Soft PVC bellows
Rubber disc bellows
Fabric bellows

For applications with special requirements we also offer bellows made of Soft PVC,
rubber disks or coated fabrics.

Soft PVC Bellows
Soft PVC Bellows occupy a special position among the dif-ferent types of bellows. They are moulded parts, i. e. a certain minimum quantity or corresponding tooling must be available to justify economic production. Correspondingly, cost reduction can be achieved with larger quantities which makes these parts particularly well suited for large series use. Tooling is already available for many configurations, therefore attractive prices can be offered even for smaller quantities. The dimensions and shapes shown in the catalogue are available as standard forms. In addition we would be pleased to assist you in the design of special types. We use a special PVC as standard material.

The bellows are resistant to alkalis and acids; they are water and dust-proof. The standard colour of these bellows is black, but other colours as well as a version in transparent material are also possible.

Rubber disk bellows
Rubber disk bellows are of the highest quality and visually the most attractive protective covers for pistons and spindles. They are completely leak proof. Since each rubber disk lies flat on the other, excellent compression dimensions are achieved.  

Fabric bellow
If bellows are subject to especially heavy wear, high pressure conditions or high temperatures up to 200°C, fabric bellows can be used. Typical fields of application are piston rods with high ambient temperatures, or cardan shafts. Fabric bellows consist of a laminted structure, whereby the supporting fabric is coated with a synthetic material.