Wiper type P
Wiper standard type with pre-wiper
Wiper type S
Wiper system

The guideways of machine tools must be kept free of  chips and debris. Therefore wipers are important. Wipers for  guideways are designed specifically to occupy minimum space.  

These wipers can be produced in different forms, dimensions, and in different materials. For each application there will be an optimal version available.

Wiper type P
Wipers of this type can be used universally. They can be mounted horizontally for Telescopic Steel Covers or vertically for guideways. A polyurethane lip with a steel core is vulcanised to a steel profile. An additional steel band reinforcement is available as an option.

Wiper standard type with pre-wiper
This wiper type is produced as an insert with a lip of natural rubber. This lip possess's excellent mechanical qualities and a high resistance to abrasion.  
The material is resistant to mineral oils, coolants, and micro-organisms

Wiper type S
These wipers are equipped with a special two-sided lip, providing rear sealing to coolant.Its outer support of nickel chromium steel offers high rigidity and stability under load.



Wiper type P 01/P 02/P03
Wiper of these types can be used universally. They can be used horizontally for telescopic steel covers or vertically for guideway wipers. A polyurethane wiper lip is vulcanised onto one or two steel profiles and thus permanently bonded. An additional support by steel frame is available as an option. When worn, the complete wiper must be replaced.

Wiper Type DSP/DV/LP
Wiper lips of these types can be replaced when worn. The service should be done by professional service personnel. They are fixed by spot welding. These wipers are compatible with many systems common in the marketplace. The metal profiles are produced from stainless steel.

Wiper Type LV
This innovative system enables a significant reduction of maintenance time and costs. The wiper lips of type LV can easily be changed when worn. Replacement can be made by customers own personnel. For replacement of the wiper lip,  only the spring clips have to be loosened, and the profile with wiper removed and replaced.There is no further dismantling of the cover required. 

Individual wiper
Vulcanised wiper systems are available according to customer's drawing. They can be produced in many forms.