X-Velo Roof Cover

Machine tools without roof covers may pollute the environment by spraying out cooling lubricant and swarf. The air in the environment is also contaminated by the vapours that result from the machining process.

The X-Velo Roof Cover System prevents the machine’s interior from discharging material into the atmosphere. Thanks to our adapted aluminium profile guide rails, the roof cover can be installed easily on new or existing machinery. The machine is sealed off and covered effectively as a result of X-Velo’s construction features. The folds are 250 mm in height, and close almost flush with the cover so that no dirt can get out. If individual swarf particles settle on the X-Velo, the open profile of the X-Velo enables the folds to be cleaned easily. Despite the fact that
it is covered, the machining room stays well-lit as the material we use for the folds is translucent. The X-Velo Roof Cover System can be adapted to almost any area as it is a modular system. It can be manufactured in widths of up to 6 m and lengths of up to 12 m.

This length can also be extended, dependent on inspection of the specific area it will be implemented in. The X-Velo is designed for high speeds of up to 75 m per minute. It is impossible for it to get twisted during operation because of the fasteners that are used in it. If you so wish, the X-Velo can be provided with or without a motor, or with metal shutters or rubber-coated shutters, depending on the type you select.

The X-Velo Roof Cover at a glance:

  • Custom length, up to 12 m, custom solutions can be
  • discussed
  • High speeds of up to 75 m/minute
  • Material lets in light
  • No twisting thanks to our special fasteners
  • Easy to clean (open profile)
  • Cover is easy to screw on, screw thread goes all the way
  • through the profile
  • Guide rails are included with delivery
  • A motor drive can be integrated as an option
  • Shutters that fit the drive perfectly
  • Ideal for retrofitting and original fitting
  • Ideal for Gantry Machines

The functional principle