Machine safety windows

Machine Safety Window with integrated Visiport
Layout of Machine Safety Window

Safety glass is a restraining protective device on machining centres. It prevents tools, machined parts and broken par-ticles from being ejected out of the machine's working space and protects people from injuries. Industrial accident statistics show that workers are still the frequent victims of flying objects ejected by machine tools. Viewing panes in machining centres, ideally combined with a spin window system, provide a good view for the operator and transparency of the manufacturing process.  

HEMA Machine Safety Windows
The safety glass provided by HEMA is encapsulated and sealed for permanent and efficient protection against these external influences. Any safety glass showing damage from external mechanical impact, for example cracks, deep scratches or deterioration resulting from exposure to chemicals, must be replaced if it is to continue functioning properly. At present there are three technical standards for metal cutting tools: DIN EN 12415 (for lathes), DIN EN 13128 and DIN EN 12417 (for milling machines and machining centres). These standards form the basis of our safety glass and spin window systems. You may determine the relevant safety classification and the corresponding minimum thickness of the polycarbonate from the tables on the following pages. The influential factors are the mass of the tool and of the machined part and the speed of rotation. The restraining capacity of safety glass depends not only on the thickness of the polycarbonate but also on the sheet metal design of its enclosure. Clamps or bonding or an adequate frame is the best solution for the mounting. 

Design of machine safety windows
For the manfufacturing of the windows only polycarbonate panes of cerfified manufactures are used. The safety windows are available in all common sizes (thickness). To meet the different requirements the following layouts of polycarbonate panes are available. To protect the polycarbonate panes the windows can be additionally fitted with TSG or LSG glass, as a standard LSG glatt ist used. In case of impact this type of glass causes reduces the risk of injuries due to its less fragmentation, the stand still time of the machine itself and the effort needed for cleaning the machine. The panes are entirely bonded and can be fitted optional with aluminium or steel frames

Machine Safety Windows with integrated lighting
The safety windows can also be fitted with an integrated LED lighting system. For more details please see HEMA Window.

Recommendation for replacement of panes
According to the recommendations of the German Berufsgenossenschaft BIA (Accident Prevention & Insurance Association), the Werkzeugmaschinenverband VDW, and the IWF/TU Berlin, Fachgebiet Werkzeugmaschinen und Fertigungstechnik, we recommend that protective panes are replaced after 5 years of use.