Safety Window with Perlucor

Safety windows are restraining protective devices on machining centres. They prevent tools, machined parts and broken particles from being ejected out of the machine's working space and protects people from injuries. With a constant mechanical load, such as in grinding applications, the surface of the safety window will be damaged and blinded.

HEMA Window with SRIW Panel
HEMA has designed a perfect solution for abrasive applications - the SRIW Panel. The SRIW Panel is equiped with PERLUCOR Covering and perfectly protects against mechanical loads. Beeing extremly flat with an overall height of only 3.5 mm, it can also be mounted onto machine doors.

Mechanical durability
An outstanding attribute of PERLUCOR is the extreme hardness as well as the high bending strength which is three to four times higher as for traditional glass systems. With these characteristics PERLUCOR is perfectly suitable for the use in abrasive wear conditions. An example is the inspection window in a blasting cubical: whereas standard glass panes tend to become completely clouded after only few blasting cycles, caused by whirledup blasting media (garnet or corundum), PERLUCOR allows keeping a clear view – even after many hours of operation.