VISIPORT Spin Windows

VISIPORT with mounting plate
Application of VISIPORT

VISIPORT® Spin Windows are suitable for all types of CNC milling machines, lathes and machining centres, either retro-fitted or integrated at the factory.

VISIPORT® is synonymous with active safety precautions: Without VISIPORT®, the operator can be tempted to bypass the safety circuit of the machine to see what is happening in the machine - potential danger with serious onsequences!
With regard to product liability and safety regulations, take a look at the safety advantages of VISIPORT® - it could pay off.


VISIPORT® Spin Windows are availabe in two version - with electric or pneumatic drive:
- VISIPORT 220.C2: electric drive
- VISIPORT Diskair: pneumatic drive

Installation and fixing
No hole has to be drilled in the machine cabin. The unit is either fastened on the bonded mounting plate or bonded directly to the window. The mounting plate allows fast replacement of the VISIPORT® unit. VISIPORT® can be installed vertically and up to 30° from the vertical. The flat construction enables the VISIPORT® to be adapted to widely differing door and window designs.  VISIPORT® is also suitable for fastening to sliding doors with limited intermediate space.
VISIPORT® can be fixed in different ways:
- bonded
- screwed to safety window
- screwed directly to the integrated mounting plate

VISIPORT® functions best with water based coolants and mineral oils; other oils on request. For oil emulsion coolants we recommend the specially coated »Golden Eye« spin disk.