Testing of material and functions

For quality assurance and product improvement HEMA tests on a regularly basis both, material and function. Tests are conducted in the company's own testing areas as well as at external institutes, for e.g. impact tests in collaboration with the Production Engineering and Machine Tools Institute (IFW) at the Berlin University of Applied Sciences.

- Material load test tensile test on textiles and strips
- Material load test flex fatigue strength at the corners of bellows
- Material load test laser beam path and burning behaviour
- Material load test coolant spray test, rotating nozzles
- Static material load test, tightness test
- Material tolerance test on shearing components

Impact tests
- Impact test on safety screens under DIN EN 12415
- Impact test on covers under DIN EN 12417

Noice emissions
- Noise emissions test on a traversing cover

Function tests
- Function test for contact pressure and noise emissions  from a complete rear
  wall on the PTW high speed test rig
- Traverse test on a slat cover with shearing system at the PTW: force sensors measure
  the vibrations during traverses to block size
- Traverse test on bellows service life and wearing with up to three million cycles
- Traverse test on vector bellows with high accelerations up to 4 g

- Mechatronics test, test on mechanical system and sensors
- System test on the z axis with test on pneumatic components and guide rails