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Our spin windows clear the view

When machine tools are in operation, the view into the interior is severely restricted by chip skipping and spray-on cooling lubricant. Our VISIPORT rotating windows are the solution: it rotates at such high speeds, that liquids and dirt are kept away from the glass. The result is a clear view of the manufacturing process.

Your advantages with the VISIPORT Spin Window

Installation and fixing

HEMA VISIPORT Spin windows can be attached to machine windows as well as to operator doors. Thanks to the flat design, it can be adapted to a wide variety of window or door versions, with sufficient space it can even be attached to sliding doors.

Which cooling lubricants are suitable for VISIPORT?

VISIPORT offers the best view of the manufacturing process in machines that use water-based coolants or low-viscosity mineral oils. For which oils the rotating window is still suitable, you will find out on request. In environments with oily coolants, we also recommend the use of a disc with a special coating.

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