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Lighting Systems

Product overview

Proper lighting of workplaces and machines is crucial to the safety and motivation of employees, it not only increases safety, but also enhances well-being and reduces work fatigue

Lamps fitted with modern LED technology emit an optimal and unvarying level of neutral colour light that does not flicker or contain UV or IR components.

Machine Lights

For a quick fault detection and the associated reduction of rejects, a perfect view of the inside of the machine is essential. Machine lights from HEMA not only impress with their very good light output, they are also easy to mount. The average life of the LEDs is 50,000 hours, equivalent to six years of continuous duty.

Workplace Lights

Proper workplace lighting can increase the productivity of your employees and counteract fatigue. Our workplace lights not only provide optimal light output - they are also easy to assemble and have a lifetime of about six years in continuous operation.

Your advantages with HEMA lightning systems

Long lifetime

The average life of our LEDs are around 50,000 hours. This corresponds to a continuous operation of six years.

Low heat development

The LED lights are characterized by a low heat emission.

Optimal illumination

The LED machine lights have a constant and uniform light output.

Resistance to cooling lubricants

​​​​​​​The LED lights are resistant to cooling lubricants and are suitable for use in machine tools.

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