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Service for the exchange of machine safety windows

Window Service

HEMA's service offer for machine safety windows

Machine safety windows in machine tools protect against flying particles and splashing cooling lubricant. It is therefore important that the windows are always fully functional. 


We will advise you on the upcoming replacement of your machine safety windows


We replace your machine safety glass.


We retrofit your old machine according to the current safety requirements.


We keep track of everything for you and remind you to replace the discs in good time as part of our maintenance management.

From consultation to assembly

1. Inspection

We check your used panes with regard to the current DGUV recommendations for pane replacement at a flat rate.

2. Inventory

You receive a detailed overview of the machine safety glass used in your machines with relevant information such as age, condition, recommendation for the replacement period.

3. Design and Installation

  • Measurement of the existing discs 
  • Construction and safe design 
  • Installation taking into account current guidelines, recommendations and specifications

»HEMA Window«

The »HEMA Window« machine safety windows are permanently and effectively protected against external influences thanks to their encapsulation and sealing and are designed in accordance with the standards for metal-cutting machine tools:

  • DIN EN 23125:2015-04 for lathes
  • DIN EN ISO 16089-2016-06 for stationary grinding machines
  • DIN EN ISO 16090-1:2019-12 for machining centers

Our safety windows - for OEM, retrofit and replacement

The machine safety windows can optionally be equipped with a SPINVISTA spin window ex works, and the integration of LED lights is also possible.

Clamping and adhesive connections as well as frame solutions are best suited for installation. The metal frames can be manufactured in different profile shapes.

For your inquiry, use our convenient inquiry template for machine safety washers; all information and dimensions that are important for an offer are requested here.



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