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Clamping and Braking systems

HEMA manufactures a variety of pneumatic clamping systems for a wide variety of applications.

Whether you want to clamp an axle or a moving mass on a linear guide - we have the right solution for you. Our clamping systems LinClamp, PClamp, DiskClamp and RotoClamp not only have very high clamping forces, they also have a safety function: If the compressed air fails, the axle or load is immediately securely fixed.
The manually operated MClamp, on the other hand, is ideal for securing machine parts for transportation or re-adaption.

Product overview


RotoClamp is ideal for rotary position clamping in axes, tables and swivel heads of machines. Two versions, Inside and Outside, allow various directions of the clamping function.


DiskClamp is a security clamping system with emergency brake for rotary position clamping.


PClamp clamps and brakes rod loads safely and quickly. It can be adapted to standard systems such as pneumatic cy­linders from leading manufacturers (e.g. SMC, Festo) or to in­dividual solutions. Rotary clamping can also be achieved with PClamp. Due to the modular design, the PClamp can be optimally adapted to your requirements.


You can use LinClamp for almost all types of linear guiding systems for fast and safe clamping (steel coverings).

For linear applications in which you do not want to exclude emergency braking, the LinClamp systems with sinter linings are recommended.


The MClamp clamps manually and is always recommended if pneumatic clamping systems would be oversized.

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