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Natural Sanitation of Ice


Clean-Ice - the innovative process for the sanitation of ice machines

One of the greatest challenges in the food industry, in trade and sales is compliance with the relevant hygiene regulations, in particular the reduction of harmful germs in the production of ice.

Clean-Ice reduces up to 99.999% of all germs and bacteria and permanently prevents the formation of biofilms.

Clean-Ice works with ozone and is therefore residue-free and without chemicals.

So inconspicuous - so effective

The system

The Clean-Ice system is only 23 cm high including the protective cap and has a diameter of only 7.5 cm. It is installed directly into the water inlet to the ice machine and can easily fit even in tight spaces.

As the water that feeds the ice machine flows through, the ozone is formed by electrolysis from the oxygen contained in the water. This makes the water almost 100% germ-free. This means that the ice cream produced with it is also free of germs.

Not only the water and ice, but the entire interior of the ice machine, hoses and ice containers are disinfected effectively and sustainably, biofilms cannot even form. This type of disinfection is safe and harmless.

The amount of ozone produced is far below the maximum limit prescribed by law, and ozone converts back into pure oxygen after it has had its effect. It no longer exists afterwards.

Simple assembly

The Clean Ice unit is mounted in the immediate vicinity of the ice machine. It can be screwed to a wall or directly to the ice machine.

Thanks to its compact dimensions, it can almost always be attached without any problems, even in confined spaces. The only requirements are a drinking water connection and an uninterruptible power supply. If a decalcification system is available, the Clean-Ice system is mounted after it on the drinking water inlet.

The installation of the Clean-Ice unit is very simple and takes only about 30 minutes.


Your advantages with Clean-Ice

Versatile use

Can be used not only for making ice for meat and fish counters, but also for misting systems for fruit and vegetables in fresh food shelves.


Up to 99.999% reduction of germs and bacteria. The formation of biofilms is permanently prevented.


Sanitation with ozone, without chemicals and residue-free.


Quick installation

The installation of the Clean Ice unit is simple and only takes about 30 minutes.

Sanitation with ozone - What is ozone and how does it work?

Ozone, also called active oxygen, is a molecule consisting of three oxygen atoms (O³) that occurs naturally in our atmosphere. It is used in the food industry as an approved oxidant and disinfectant. Ozone improves food safety in many areas because it slows or prevents the growth of bacteria, germs, yeasts and moulds.

In water treatment, ozone is used, among other things, for the environmentally friendly oxidation of iron, manganese, organic matter and for disinfection. Thus, ozonation is one of the central treatment stages in many drinking water plants. 

Ozone can have harmful effects on health, especially on the respiratory tract. According to the EU directive, there is no health risk from ozone below a level of 110 µg/m³. 

The Clean Ice DF generates ozone in a quantity that is considerably below this maximum value and is also bound in the water or ice.

The principle of ozone sanitation

In the clean-ice system, the formation of ozone and its effect takes place in a closed circuit. In doing so, germs and bacteria are eliminated reliably and sustainably, without leaving residues of any kind. The ozone is also no longer available.

Phase 1 and 2
The natural O2 molecules in water are split into two individual molecules by the addition of energy.

Phase 3
These individual molecules (O) combine with remaining oxygen molecules (O2) to form ozone (O3).

Phase 4
The ozone comes into contact with existing germs and bacteria.

Phase 5 und 6
The ozone destroyed the germs and bacteria and was converted back into oxygen (O2) during this process.

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