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Protection Systems

Product overview

The durability of a machine also depends on how well its axles and shafts are protected against external influences. Dust and dirt in the guideway, for example, can disrupt the machining process and thus adversely affect the precision of the machine. HEMA offers a wide range of protection systems around the production machine.


Bellows not only protect guideways from contamination, they also prevent the operator from accidentally reaching into the machine and injuring himself.
The bellows can be produced in many shapes and designs, always designed for your individual application.

Backwall Systems

For the equipment of your machine tool we offer you complete backwall systems, individually tailored to your requirements and ready to install as a complete system for you. We consider individual spindle feedthroughs just as much for you as a pneumatic drive of individual components.

Roller Covers and Link Aprons

Roller covers are suitable for all areas in which little space is available or in which full coverage is not required. We manufacture them with and without housing and choose depending on the application from different textile materials or steel. The combination with link aprons is also possible. Optionally, the roller covers can also be equipped with a drive.

Telescopic Steel Covers

Our GLADIATOR Telescopic Steel Covers are one of the classic covers for guideways on machine tools. They provide effective protection against chips and other impurities. If required, the first element of the GLADIATOR Telescopic Steel cover can be made accessible, and a service opening is possible.

Spiral springs

Our DURASPRING spiral springs protect spindles of machine tools reliably and permanently against infestation by dirt, dust or chips. They are made of high-quality spring band steel with inner diameters of 15 to 160 mm.

Roof Covers

If machine tools are equipped without a roof cover, swarf skimming and coolant mist can pollute the environment. We manufacture individual roof covers for the initial equipment as well as for the retrofitting of your machine tools.

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