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More safety with bellows from HEMA

Bellows protect machines and devices from contamination. In many different variations, they serve as protective equipment and for machine safety. HEMA manufactures all bellows from high-quality materials. For us, the constant further development of the bellows is just as much a matter of course as regular, strict product tests, including travel tests with up to 3 million cycles.

The all-round protection for the axes of your machine

Dust, cooling lubricants and chips can impair the smooth operation of machines and systems. A bellows moves together with the axis and thus prevents dirt from reaching the guideway. We manufacture our bellows individually for your application. We only use robust special fabrics to produce our bellows. Tailored to the respective application, they protect against dust and withstand high temperatures. The basic components of each bellows are precisely tailored to the respective area of application in terms of materials, shape and dimensions.

Your advantages with bellows from HEMA


We manufacture our bellows in various designs individually tailored to your application - whether with special materials for laser, plasma and welding applications, special versions for medical technology or designs for high-speed applications

High product quality

HEMA offers you excellent product quality. In order to ensure this, we carry out extensive product and material testing in our test area and work together with external institutes.

Comprehensive protection

We offer you a comprehensive product range of bellows - from individual bellows to ready-to-install complete systems as a machine rear panel, complete with guide and attachment.


The ELASTIC bellows are used e.g. for lifting table applications or round sewn as an alternative to spiral springs to protect shafts, columns and spindles. In the design as a LAMINAT bellow this has a high inherent rigidity due to the combination of two materials. As a bellow for jet cutting machines (laser, plasma or water jet), the ELASTIC bellow protects mechanical components such as spindles and guides, but also serves to protect the jet channel. 

The ELASTIC series includes numerous combination options. The basic components as well as material, shape, type of processing and dimensions are individually adjusted. Stabilized PVC frames in each fold, combined with the individual bellow material ensure a long lasting stability. Even with mechanical deformation, this structure ensures a return to the original form. The connection of the bellow material to the support or guide frames can be done by various types of processing - thermally bonded, HF-welded or sewn.


The special feature of this series are the lamellas, which are attached to the upper edge of the folds. They additionally strengthen the bellows and protect it from hot or sharp-edged chips. Thanks to this equipment, the SAMURAI series is very well suited for HSC applications: HEMA has already developed solutions for machines with speeds of up to 100 meters per minute and accelerations above 2 g.

Bellows for special applications

For applications with special requirements we also offer bellows made of Soft PVC, rubber disks or coated fabrics. Soft PVC bellows are resistant to oil, alkali and acid as well as water and dust. As molded parts for the economic production, a minimum quantity must be manufactured or an appropriate form must exist. Rubber disk bellows are of the highest quality and visually the most attractive protective covers for pistons and spindles. They are completely leak proof. Since each rubber disk lies flat on the other, excellent compression dimensions are achieved.

Rubber Fabric bellows are recommended for use if bellows are especially subject to heavy wear, high pressure conditions or high temperatures up to 200°C. Typical fields of application are piston rods with high ambient temperatures, or cardan shafts. Fabric bellows consist of a laminated structure with a special coating.

The W bellows - compact and powerful

Modern machine tools are becoming more and more compact leaving less space in the machine for protective covers. With the W bellows, we meet two important requirements from the design of modern machine tools: on the one hand, the W bellows require less installation space than conventional models; on the other hand, they achieve larger strokes. The W bellows require less folds to achieve the same extension length. This material saving reduces the space required for compressed bellow, while our SAMURAI bellows with a 40 mm fold width reach a stroke of 56 mm, the W bellows reach up to 75 mm. 

Another advantage of the W bellows is its weight: Since it does not require support frames, it is lighter than the standard systems and allows better dynamics when moving the axles. The W bellows can also be used overhead. It is available with fold widths between 30 and 50 mm.

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