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Our spin windows clear the view

When machine tools are in operation, the view into the interior is severely restricted by flying chips and cooling lubricant splashing around.

Our SPINVISTA ensures a clear view of the manufacturing process:
It rotates at such a high speed that liquids and debris are kept away from the disc. The result is a clear view of the manufacturing process.


The SPINVISTA is available in two versions:

  • SPINVISTA EVO with an outside diameter of 253 mm and a visible area of approx. 284 cm²
  • SPINVISTA NEO with an outer diameter of 290 mm and a visible area of approx. 430 cm²

Your advantages with the SPINVISTA

SPINVISTA - also for particularly demanding applications

High-quality materials are used in our SPINVISTA. The housing surface consists of hard anodized aluminum and is therefore resistant to abrasion and has excellent thermal conductivity.

If required, we can also equip the SPINVISTA with ATEX protection; the motor and electronics are fully encapsulated and are thus protected against sparks and moisture.


Diverse installation options

The SPINVISTA pivot windows from HEMA can be attached to both windows and operator doors. Thanks to the flat design, it can be adapted to a wide variety of window or door designs, and if there is enough space, it can even be attached to sliding doors. The SPINVISTA can be mounted at any angle of rotation, and there are three positions to choose from for the connections to the connection box.

The operating principle of spin windows

Spin windows make use of centrifugal force: It moves dirt and liquids away from the center of the pane and enables a clear view into the interior of the machine.


Which coolants is SPINVISTA suitable for?

The SPINVISTA offers the best view of the manufacturing process in systems in which water-based coolants or thin-bodied mineral oils are used. On request, you can find out which oils the turning window is suitable for. In environments with oil-based coolants, we also recommend using a disc with a special coating.

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