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Reliably protection for spindles and shafts

DURASPRING coil springs from HEMA

To protect spindles and shafts from damage, HEMA offers DURASPRING spiral springs. For example, their spring mechanism reliably protects the axial travel of dynamically moving machine tool spindles. DURASPRING spiral springs have proven themselves and proven their effectiveness in many years of use.

As an expert in machine safety, HEMA uses high-quality strip steel of different thicknesses for its spiral springs, which is brought into the spiral shape by mechanical deformation. Two versions are available, in blued or stainless steel. For applications with coolants with a high proportion of water, the stainless version is recommended.

The DURASPRING spiral springs are available in different sizes and for either horizontal or vertical installation positions. Vertically installed springs can be designed for longer extension lengths for static reasons. Springs for horizontal installation are designed with larger coil overlaps for greater lateral stability to prevent the spring from sagging.

In the standard version, the spiral springs are available with inner diameters of up to 160 mm. Special designs are available upon request depending on customer requirements. The experts at HEMA are happy to advise customers individually on protection concepts for spindles and other machine components.


The DURASPRING coil springs from HEMA at a glance:

  • Internal diameters from 15 to 160 mm in the standard range, individual designs in different sizes are possible
  • Vertical extensions up to 4,500 mm (horizontal: less)
  • Designed for speeds of up to 40 meters/minute
  • High-quality spring band steel of extreme hardness
  • Strength up to 1800 N/m2
  • Available in two versions: Blued steel (DURASPRING BLUE), Stainless steel (DURASPRING SILVER)