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The modular clamping system for rod clamping - PClamp

PClamp is a modular built system for the secure clamping of rod loads and pneumatic cylinders. It can be adapted to standard systems such as pneumatic cylinders of leading manufacturers (e.g. SMC, Festo) or to individual solutions.

Functional principle

PClamp open

PClamp works on the principle of the spring accumulator: In normal operation, an air chamber between two spring plates is pressurized with compressed air. Due to the air supply, the spring plates bulge, shorten and thus release the rod.

PClamp clamped

In case of failure of the pneumatics, the air chambers between the spring plates are vented. The spring plates return to their original position, press the clamping bush against the rod and fix them securely and with great force in their position.

Your advantages with PClamp

Easy to install

The PClamp can be installed quickly and easily thanks to its compact design.


The pneumatic PClamp offers higher clamping forces than hydraulic systems

Cost efficient

By using the pneumatic clamping system PClamp results in lower operating costs compared to hydraulic systems

Wide range

PClamp can fix loads on rods with a diameter of 12 to 40 mm


PClamp locks in case of compressed air failure immediately and with great force

Model variants

PClamp N, ISO, E are available in different sizes. The sizes are derived from the sizes of the ISO/VDMA standard cylinders. Cylinder and PClamp N, ISO have the same base area. The model variants differ in the number of clamping modules, depending on the type up to four modules possible., different clamping diameters and base and cover plates, depending on the application.

PClamp N, ISO, E are also available in customer-specific special sizes and with other operating pressures; the operating pressure is generally designed for 4 bar or 6 bar, other pressures are possible on request.

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