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Machine Safety Windows

Machine Safety Windows

During machining, chippings are produced that can be swirled around inside the machine. It can also happen that tensioned workpieces are loosened or a tool breaks off due to incorrect operation and flies through the workspace with great force.

Therefore, the use of a safety window is recommended to protect the operating personnel. If only simple polycarbonate windows are used in the equipment of machine tools, they quickly become brittle due to the permanent contact with coolants and lose their retention force.

For this reason, HEMA uses a combination of safety glass and polycarbonate for the manufacture of its machine safety glass.

In general, we recommend the replacement of machine safety windows after a period of use of 5 years based on the recommendations of the employers' liability insurance association and the VDW.

Impact tests

Our machine safety windows have been designed according to the standards for cutting machine tools.

By their encapsulation and sealing, the safety windows are permanently and effectively protected against external influences.

The retention capacity is tested at external institutes in accordance with the applicable standards for machine tools. Therefore the safety windows are bombarded with projectiles weighing up to 2.5 kg and hit the disc at a speed of up to 80 m / s and an energy of up to 8,000 Nm.

If they come into contact with aggressive cooling lubricants, polycarbonate panes without additional protection lose their safety restraint function partially or completely after just a few months of use. This is why HEMA manufactures its machine safety panes as composite safety panes made of polycarbonate and safety glass.

The safety glass on the inside of the machine protects the polycarbonate pane from being wetted with cooling lubricants. The polycarbonate pane on the operator side has a much higher retention capacity and protects the operator of the machine tool.

Your advantages with HEMA safety windows

Long lifetime

The safety glass consists of a combination of safety glass and polycarbonate and therefore lasts much longer than simple PC windows. They are also sealed so that no chemicals can penetrate and attack the window.


Due to the retention capacity of the polycarbonate, the machine safety discs of HEMA hardly splinter when damaged. The risk of injury is therefore significantly lower than with simple safety windows.

A perfect view

The safety windows can also be fitted with an integrated LED lighting system and spin window ex works – for an optimal control of the machining processes in the machine.

Reliable protection

HEMA machine safety windows are made of a combination of safety glass and polycarbonate and their high retention capacity ensures that flying objects do not endanger the operator.

As individual as your requirements

We manufacture machine safety windows in various designs - whether with frame, without frame, flat or curved.


We advise you on the upcoming replacement of your machine safety windows.


We replace your machine safety window,


We retrofit your old machine according to the current safety requirements for machine safety windows.


We keep an overview for you - and remind you in good time to replace your security windows as part of our maintenance management.

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